Hypnosis is a wonderful art and powerful science that can dramatically effect one's life course in many ways. One example of this is John Parada. In the late eighties John found himself an overweight smoker with no real focus in life. Although he had a job as a teacher with the NYC Board Of Education he was not happy with the way things were working out. After attaining a Master's Degree from St. John's University in Education he was still not satisfied. After his father's death from cancer he decided it was time to quit smoking. He tried will power, gum and finally Hypnosis.

   Hypnosis resonated deeply with John and soon he found he used it not only to quit smoking, and lose weight but he found the mental and physical energy to study martial arts, dog training and earn a Master's degree in counseling from St. John's University. Hypnosis still remained a burning interest. In 1997 he became a Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. At this time his quest to learn more about the esoteric arts also spurred him to begin his study towards his doctorate in Philosophy. His hypnotic style, along with his counseling skills and his years of teaching experience helped make him very quickly one of the most popular hypnotists in Queens .

   In 1999 he opened the Bayside Personal Development Center as a place where regular people can find fast, affordable, private and group Hypnotherapy in their community. In 2002 John completed his thesis titled The Role of Consciousness in Personal Development. He was awarded a Ph.D. by The American Institute of Holistic Theology. That same year he earned Master Hypnotist status from the National Guild of Hypnotists. He has used his musical talents along with his hypnotic skills to write, produce, engineer and record some of the most powerful self improvement recordings ever. The titles, which are available on eBay and his website changenow.com, were originally recorded as supplemental reinforcement for his office clients. But they have been found to be so powerful and popular that they were made available to the general public.

   His Hypnosis training continued as he became a Certified Instructor of Hypnosis with the National Guild in 2004. In 2005 he seeks to bring Hypnosis to the people and has traveled several times to Las Vegas to learn the secrets of stage hypnosis from some of the greatest entertainers in the field. He has exposed many in Queens to hypnosis not only with his group and private practice, but also with lectures, demonstrations, and street hypnosis experiments.

    Whether you are interested in learning Hypnosis, personal recordings or private or group sessions rest assured you will be receiving quality attention from an expert in the field. Learn to re-invent your self.

Master Hypnotist John Parada Ph.D. proves daily that , "Hypnosis Works!" Hypnosis has changed his life. It can change yours. To find out how call (718) 747 - 1135