The Change Now logo is a symbol of individual Personal Development. The top of our logo resembles a fiery sun like star. It is actually a enneagram, a nine pointed star. Its symbolic origin is thousands of years old; possibly older than spoken language as this symbol is said to be an ideogram, a symbol representing an idea without expressing the sounds that form its name. It is known in ancient Christian symbolism to indicate the nine gifts of the spirit. It is used here to represent the 9 aspects of Personal Development: Discipline, Awareness, Peace, Work, Motivation, Success, Fun, Creativity and Happiness.

In contrast to the ancient exterior, the interior of the primitive ideogram contains a very modern one. This ideogram has been used in some computer contexts to indicate "the meaning has been found". It is a combination of an eye symbolizing, "to see", and the straight bar symbolic for "one entity" or "something definite or absolute" above it. In appearing together the symbols are meant to relate that enlightenment in modern man is possible through inner vision. To further reinforce the individual's power of being, the spirit of enlightenment is placed in the circle of unlimited possibilities. This is symbolic of the individual's power to create his fate, and will a change in his life.

The head of the icon rests on a stair like body with two legs. This is also a very ancient symbol. It is reminiscent of certain signs that appear in Egyptian hieroglyphics. It is also similar to an ideogram for the "self" in both early and more modern systems of Chinese writing. Actually, this symbol is from the African country of Ghana, where it is stylized on to ceremonial fabrics. The sign is called "nkyin nyin" which translates to the "transformation of self". Notice the stair like body, building from a solid foundation steadily upward. There is strength. There is balance.

Taken together the symbol is meant to indicate the conscious awareness that modern people live with the same basic integral concerns as our forebearers in history. We are connected to the universe through time. To realize that nothing exists but each moment is but part of the answer; to learn how to enjoy and cherish each moment is a much more formidable task. The quest for inner knowledge and understanding presents a challenge to discover our greater selves and the opportunity to radiate to the world the positive effects of individual personal development.

Think of the symbol as a metaphor for each individual as a gift of being. We acknowledge that with awareness change is inevitable. The symbol is a modern day ideogram serving as a reminder that personal development is a responsibility we have to ourselves and to the universe.