Text Box: Special Edition		           Text Box: Queens Hypnotist on HBO
Text Box: Bayside Personal Development Center 
Text Box: Remember HYPNOSIS is very effective for
Weight Loss
Stop Smoking
Gain Confidence
Stress Reduction
Conquer Insomnia
Sexual Fulfillment
Positive Thinking
Habits, Fears, Addictions
Eliminate Sadness
Enhance Athletic Ability
Academic Excellence
Pain Management
Allergy Symptoms
Test Anxiety
Public Speaking
Much, .much more.





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Text Box: 	Master Hypnotist John Parada PhD will appear on HBO’s new reality series Family Bonds. 	Late last summer HBO brought the main character of Family Bonds to the Bayside Personal Development Center for hypnotic treatment of his smoking addiction. The new HBO reality star is a very heavy smoker who has incorporated his smoking addiction into the very core of his personal identity. 		The celebrated Queens Hypnotist brought the smoking lawman along his usual course of hypnotic therapy for smoking cessation. There were no tricks or actors. All hypnosis that will appear on the show was real. Techniques used included regression, aversion therapy, mind machine, thought stopping and establishment of non smoking zones in the home and office, as the bounty hunter chose to slowly wean himself from the addiction. 

Text Box: The bail bondsman was a very good hypnotic subject who entered into a deep somnambulistic state.		 Many personal issues arose during the course of treatment. In the end, Mr. Evangelista was very pleased with the self knowledge gained from the sessions. Improvement was seen quickly. Dr. Parada thanks Tom Evangelista, HBO & Family Bonds for the opportunity to demonstrate the power of hypnosis to a national audience.		The segment  is an excellent study of what one 

Text Box: may experience when going to a certified Hypnotist’s office. The Hypnotic sessions were excellent and fascinating. The professionalism and level of expertise is what any client to BPDC can expect.		Hypnosis is a very powerful tool that can help you reach your goals when you are ready for them. No one should be prodded or nagged to change. Change comes naturally. When you are ready - you change. Hypnosis can help. 
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Text Box: Master Hypnotist John Parada Ph.D. 
On  HBO’s New Reality Series Family Bonds
Text Box: Autumn 2004               
Text Box: Opportunity to Learn Hypnosis FREE
Text Box: 	The mental skills associated with Hypnosis are crucial to a successful and fulfilling life. 	Acknowledging this, The Bayside Personal Development Center offers all levels of training in the wonderful art and science of Hypnosis. Master Hypnotist John Parada Text Box: Ph.D. hosts FREE monthly lectures and demonstrations, featuring guest speakers and lively discussion and exploration of  all Metaphysical topics. 		Twice weekly there is a small group, 3 hour Self Hypnosis workshop. This class teaches the essential secrets of using Hypnosis in your daily Text Box: life. For those who would like to pursue Hypnosis professionally we offer world class Hypnosis Certification Training from the National Guild of Hypnotists.      		      For more information call (718) 747—1135 or visit the website www.changenow.com.
Text Box: What do the Clients Say?
Text Box: Hypnosis has changed my life. I’ve lost 30 pounds……..….J.F
I would have never passed that test without Hypnosis…….J.B.
The stress reduction techniques John taught me have added years to my life……M.R. 
Since I’ve taken the Hypnosis Certification Course I’m making a significant additional income and helping people  …....D.P.
Text Box: I’ve added many hypnosis  ideas to my business and sales have multiplied. Thanks a million…...……..A.C.
He gave an excellent and presentation to our staff….G.O.
I’ve sent several of my patients to the Bayside Personal Development Center to quit smoking and manage stress. Excellent results, powerful  therapy………...….Dr. W.S.
Text Box: The skills he has taught me have helped me help others……......Rev.J.L.
My lack of confidence was affecting me in so many ways. Hypnosis has helped me enjoy life……………….…….B.B.
I just took the state championship in my division thanks to Hypnosis with John Parada………………….….J.D.
My love life is better since learning Hypnosis……………….….….…..V.O.