The audio programs offered below represent a new horizon in the field of self-help and personal improvement. Never before have such high quality, professionally recorded personal enhancement programs been offered to the public at such affordable prices.

The Change Now Mind Machine
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Audio Cassette:
Side A is spoken word with assorted beats and tones that will help send the listener into a state of deep relaxation and thus enable the subconscious mind to accept the beneficial and powerful suggestions needed to effect the desired change.

Side B is a musical side, using the original applied theories and concepts of hypnotic frequency tonal variation and axiomatic varied polyrhythmic induction. Both of these original musical styles feature sampled loops from various musical sources which quickly and effectively guide the listener to the alpha state. In the alpha state human consciousness expands and facilitates learning, memory and creative thought. Hidden among the lush tones and archetypal beats are powerful subliminal messages that with repeated use will effect the desired change in the listener's behavior, attitude and thinking.

Programs are also available on Compact Disc.

The original content of all of the programs has been recorded digitally and mixed to digital audio tape to reproduce, with amazing clarity and accuracy, every nuance and tone originally recorded. All programs are duplicated on the highest quality chrome cassette to insure against frequency loss from the original source and to guarantee many useful and enjoyable hours of pleasant listening. Recordings are also available on high quality compact disc.

Each program includes tips for attaining your personal goals and positive affirmations that will help reinforce your desired changes.

A personal stereo system or walkman with good headphones is the method recommended for optimal enjoyment and full effect of this powerful series.

Under no circumstance should these cassettes be used while driving a car, operating machinery, or in any situation demanding even basic concentration.