Gaze dreamily at the rotating icon and let any troubling thoughts leave you as you concentrate effortlessly on the feelings of peacefulness that will soon pass through you. Take a deep breath and hold it comfortably for a few seconds as you continue to watch the twisting symbol. Continue to breathe deeply and slowly as you repeat the following ten times:

"I control my thinking, behavior and feelings.
I choose to relax now."

After you have repeated this ten times, continue to stare at the icon and notice how calm and relaxed you are. Enjoy the pleasant feeling that you have succeeded in attaining. Repeat the following ten times:

"I relax and I succeed."

Enjoy the feeling of relaxation and the confidence it brings. You will notice improved mental functioning under stress if you simply remember the feeling of relaxation you have experienced here today. You will undergo a change in the quality of your life if you practice these skills regularly. To learn more about how to achieve profound mental and physical relaxation see the Stress Reduction Audio Program in the catalogue section of this site.