An office visit to the comfortable and secure Bayside, Queens location is the traditional manner to experience a consultation for personal development.The initial session is a time for relationship building and relaxation work. The client usually feels better after the initial consultation, simply because he knows discerningly,
"I've found someone who understands."

Subsequent sessions are workfilled episodes loaded with traditional counseling, imagery, existential conversation, imagination, hypnosis, relaxation, role playing etc..; whatever the client feels comfortable with and the counselor feels is appropriate to effect change.
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Use hypnosis to lose weight, stop smoking, reduce stress, manage your
anger and all other manner of personal development.

A 90 minute session with Master Hypnotist John Parada, Ph.D. is only $150.
Save money, ask about the multi-session packages available.

Hypnosis helps you master the power of your mind to change habits, eliminate anxieties and control your emotions.
Learn how to put the power of your mind to work. Re-invent yourself without surgery
or medication. Master Hypnotist John Parada, Ph.D. can show you how.
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Get ready to live your dream!

House/Hospital calls are available.
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Telephone counseling is ideal for the busy New Yorker or anyone anywhere in the world who would like to speak with a personal development consultant. Many techniques lend themselves very well to telephone counseling and this is often a very effective, efficient and reliable means to have access to a consultant. Clients are responsible for all calls.
E-mail for appointment ....$50

The Change Now Mind Machine
If you are searching for relaxation, for the elusive moments of calmness and
clarity, for a quick break in a hectic life: or if you are interested in
profound self- improvement, using the Change Now Mind Machine provides a fresh
approach that works for a lot of people and most likely will work for you as
well. The Change Now Mind Machine uses an AVS (Audio Visual Stimulation) system,
and is a therapist controlled microprocessor device designed to create profound
relaxation or other mood changing effects through the use of sound and light
stimulation. Once the entire process is reviewed and therapy begins, you will
feel a change in awareness within a few minutes. Many people report a floating
feeling. Your attention may start to wander as your thoughts become less linear
and logical. You may find yourself in a lucid dream complete with sights, sounds
and feelings. Because your sense of time changes during the session, it may seem
as if you have slept. Usually, you will feel a definite difference between your
state before the session and how you feel during the session. This state of
enhanced sense perception will remain with you after the session ends. I am constantly fascinated and amazed, time after time, at the life changing,
profound experiences of my clients: the dancer who increased her bust size two
inches, a college athlete who dramatically improved her free throw percentage,
the weekend golfer who just won his first local tournament, a foreign woman who
passed a vitally important exam in English (a language she hardly knew), and a
top producing stockbroker who busted his cocaine and valium addition, as well as
the many clients for weight loss, smoking. And there seem to be no shortage of
small miracles: like the widow who recalled where she misplaced her anniversary
ring, or the mother who found new patience with her preschoolers, or the artist
who's creativity has been rekindled. A few of the numerous possibilities are:
to improve hyperactive behavior, to achieve "relaxed yet alert states," for
increase in learning speed, for specifically lowering blood pressure; for
eliciting unconscious childhood memories, for growth hormone production where
intriguing reports of gray hair returning to its original color have been noted.
All over the world, clinics, universities, therapists, sports trainers, and
human potential devotees are coming out with some amazing studies and anecdotal
evidence that therapeutic use of deep trance as that achieved with the
Change Now Mind Machine holds the promise of dramatically improving people's
lives. By guided use of the Change Now Mind Machine we know that we can
definitely 'learn' to produce the various brainwave states that so profoundly
affect our lives, completely at will. In effect, you will learn to alter and
control your own mind. The implications are almost beyond belief! You can
trigger such specific brain states as happiness, problem solving, sexual
excitement, memory recall, heightened creativity, physical or emotional healing,
athletic excellence, or whatever.While not a replacement for traditional
hypnosis, using the mind machine has many noticeable and beneficial effects…
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